From "I Do" to "Shes Here"

Love in Full Bloom: A Journey from Engagement to Newborn

Love is a journey, isn't it? It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from the heart-fluttering excitement of saying "yes" to forever, to the tender moments of holding your newborn for the very first time. Each stage is a chapter in the most beautiful story you'll ever tell and Im here to capture your story! ENGAGEMENT: CAPTURING LOVE'S BEGINNINGS

Engagement, for me as a photographer, It's about more than just taking pictures; it's about freezing that enchanting moment when two hearts decide to dance together forever. I had the absolute delight of photographing my dear friends' engagement, and let me tell you, it was pure magic! Imagine them, standing there amidst the golden glow of sunset, their fingers intertwined, and laughter bubbling up like champagne. And when they suggested incorporating a vintage car into the shoot, well, it was like a dream come true – a touch of old-fashioned elegance adding to the romance. It felt like a scene straight out of a fairytale, their love story unfolding before my lens. So here's to my lovely friends and all the other radiant souls out there, allowing me to capture their journey in all its feminine, love-filled glory. Here's to love, laughter, and the enchantment of engagement! 

PS I love this park in Sarasota! Rothenbach!!!

The Big question

Do you want to photograph our wedding or be a guest?

My answer is always BOTH!!!! I love photographing my friends weddings I selfishly get the most time with them on this day and have the honor of capturing one of the biggest moments in your life! This wedding was full of a lot of surprises Strong winds, Rain,We even got a fire show during their first dance!!! (Don't worry no one was hurt)

As I snapped away, capturing every heartfelt moment and spontaneous laugh, I couldn't help but feel grateful to be a part of such a joyous occasion. Being both photographer and guest allowed me to witness the love and happiness radiating from the newlyweds and their guests, while also capturing it all through my lens.

So here's to those magical weddings where I get to play dual roles – photographer and guest. They may be filled with surprises and unexpected moments, but they always end up being the most unforgettable celebrations of love. Cheers to love, laughter, and the beauty of capturing memories that last a lifetime!

Loved this venue near Tampa Florida called Love Lock Ranch!

Were Having a baby!!!

You know, this stage of capturing maternity moments? It's my absolute favorite right now. Since becoming a mom myself, I've found myself drawn to documenting the journey of motherhood. There's something so special about making soon-to-be moms feel beautiful amidst all the changes their bodies are going through. And let me tell you, being able to photograph my friends as they embark on their parenthood journey has been nothing short of amazing.

As a photographer and a mom, I totally get the ups and downs of pregnancy. The excitement, the worries, the cravings—been there, done that. And that shared experience? It's like an instant connection that helps me really understand and capture the essence of my friends' journeys.

With each click of the camera, I aim to freeze those moments of love, anticipation, and strength. Whether we're dressing up in fancy maternity gowns or just keeping it cozy and real, it's all about celebrating this incredible time.

And as we eagerly await the arrival of those little bundles of joy, I'm just grateful to be part of the adventure. Every photo I take is a reminder of how lucky I am to witness such a beautiful and transformative chapter in my friends' lives.

Captured at the beautiful beaches of sarasota florida!


You know what's one of the sweetest perks of photographing friends during their maternity journey? Being right there with them when their little one finally arrives, getting to cuddle and coo over the newborn. It's pure magic!

And let's talk about those newborn days—they're like a whirlwind, aren't they? Minutes feel like hours, yet somehow it all flies by in the blink of an eye. I'll be honest, looking back, I wish I had more snapshots of my own daughter, Millie, during those early days.

There's something about those sleepy snuggles and tiny fingers that just tug at your heartstrings. And before you know it, they're not so tiny anymore—they're running around, chatting up a storm, and asserting their independence.

But oh, how I sometimes long to go back to those early days, to soak in every precious moment a little longer. Thank goodness for photos, though—they're like little time capsules, helping us hold onto those fleeting moments of babyhood forever.