Sarasota to Miami Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Meet your photographer

Meet your photographer

Hi there!!!

I'm Bri, your go-to photographer ! I'm thrilled to share a bit about my journey with you. Before diving headfirst into photography, I had some pretty cool gigs – I twirled as a professional ballerina, cheered on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an NFL cheerleader, and even danced and did aerials for Norwegian Cruise Lines, exploring the world for a solid 5 years. Talk about a whirlwind adventure, right?

Life took an amazing turn when I became a mom during the Covid shutdown, and that's when my passion for photography really blossomed. Growing up in a creative family surrounded by art, music, and dance, it was only natural that I'd find my way to capturing moments behind the lens.

Now, I absolutely love freezing those real, authentic moments, whether it's in the studio or out and about. With my extensive professional dance background, I've honed a skill for directing you to look your best without it feeling forced. So, no need to stress about poses or how you're looking – I've got you covered!

And let's talk about editing – I'm a Photoshop guru and actually enjoy the process. That means you'll get the highest quality images that really capture the magic of the moment. I love collaborating with my clients to achieve their goals, both during the session and throughout the editing process.

Can't wait to connect and create some amazing memories with you! So, what's your story?

I am so thankful to all my friends and family that have supported me in my journey!!!

I hope you enjoy looking through my gallery, and I hope I am able to capture your forever moments!



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